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Our inaugural Scotcoin Fintech event has just finished and we are delighted with the day.

Our speakers were all superb, the venue was a delight with the most magnificent views from the seventh floor of Glasgow’s Nautical College, and the questions asked, as ever, proved fascinating and to the point.

There are three things that stood:

  1. Firstly, everyone was very upbeat about the prospects for blockchain and fintech. What came across from the speakers was that blockchain was going to save people lots of time. One of the speakers from Baillie Gifford said that they had run an experiment on a small part of their business and they had saved the equivalent of 4 whole days a month on one process.
  2. Secondly, blockchain was going to save people lots of money in the future.
  3. And thirdly, in the same way that the internet has allowed smaller businesses to compete against behemoths, the blockchain would enhance and strengthen that movement, making life more equal for vast swathes of people right across the globe.

As is traditional we had some excellent pizza for lunch and an extremely active and engaged period of networking.

The day started with Daniel Broby of Strathclyde University telling us to be careful of some of the claims surrounding the blockchain. Second up was Javid Khan of Pulsant who gave us an excellent talk on how the cloud was made secure. Alf Robertson and Graeme Taylor of Agile Energy gave us a fascinating description of how a waste recycling plant can bring heat and electricity to local areas, as well as provide jobs via heating water to farm warm water shrimps!

Gary Mckay of spoke both eloquently and passionately about how blockchain was going to create trust in many different areas. Martin Docherty-Hughes MP gave us an impassioned plea to make sure the use of blockchain had a social dimension.

After the break, Ashley Chalmers of Baillie Gifford told us how their experiments with blockchain uses were showing great promise, and finally Nicholas Panteli of Attollo showed us how his award winning idea in local projects was going to change how such projects were funded.

Finally, Temple Melville, Scotcoin investor, brought the day to a close with an affirmation that all things blockchain were in good heart, and none more so than Scotcoin.

We will definitely be having another, similar, event in the near future which we are sure everyone will enjoy too.

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